07 August 2008

Return from Grand Teton

We're back. The trip was a success. Now there is laundry to be done, pictures to upload and blog entries to compose.

To keep you waiting for the details, here's a list of things we saw:
  • Bison near our campsite
  • Moose in our campsite
  • Golden-mantled ground squirrels everywhere
  • Black bear on the trail
  • Bumblebees galore
  • Megachile melanophaea - leafcutter bee
  • Comandra umbellata - bastard toadflax (one of J's study organisms for his Masters)
  • Pterospora - pine drop (a parasitic plant)
  • Corallorhiza mertensiana - coral root orchid (yep, another parasite)
We had a great time. More to come soon.

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Josh said...

That outdoorsy kid is pretty cute!