19 August 2008

Teton recap, part 3

Obligatory megafauna picture, taken near our first campground. Man are those animals big!

We spent J's birthday playing in the park. We found some boulders near Jenny Lake where J could work on some climbing problems (as routes are called in bouldering). Doodle and I found bugs and played in the dirt, occasionally cheering "Yay!" when Papa was doing well. This was, of course, preferable to when he was struggling to hold on and Doodle said "Uh Oh! Uh Oh!" repeatedly. I told her "honey, that doesn't help Papa," which made him laugh.

After some bouldering we played down in the lake for a little bit. Doodle loved wading in the water. We had a great time, and J got another camping birthday. (Happy 29th, my love!)

Any suggestions for next year's destination?

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