19 August 2008

Total Mom post

Warning: this post is 100% Mom material, and talks about poop. If you're not in the mood, feel free to skip it. :-)

I've mentioned previously how we dabble in Elimination Communication (EC) with Doodle. And we're really pretty lazy, which means she only uses the toilet ~5% of the time. But hey, it's something. Right?

After reading the book "Once Upon A Potty" a whole bunch of times, Doodle has started to talk with us about her diaper contents. More often than not she'll insist that she's poopy, when really she just has a wet diaper. But sometimes she is correct.

The latest breakthrough came while my dad was visiting. We were eating dinner, and Doodle looked at me and said "Poo". I asked her if she needed to poop, and she nodded yes. J whisked her off to the potty where they read her potty book for a while. Then came the joyous proclamation from the bathroom: "She pooped!"

Miss Doodle successfully let us know that she needed to poop, then proceeded to do so on the toilet. This is monumental, folks! We're very excited.

[/Momish gushing about potty experiences]