19 August 2008

Teton recap, part 2

That first recap was pretty lengthy. I'll try to be more concise this time. Here goes...

We met J and FunEllen in Jackson after their climbing class. We went to the Snake River Brewery, where we had pizzas and beer. Mmmm. Below you will see one of the sacrifices I make as a Mom.

That's right. It was a tomato and basil pizza. Doodle ate ALL of my tomatoes. See the circular indents in the cheese? That's where my tomatoes were. I survived. I think it helped to have dinner with such cute people. J makes quite the brew wench...sorry, brew fraĆ¼.

We spent another night at Gros Ventre campground (the one with the nearby bison) in GTNP. The next day we staked out a campsite at Signal Mountain (on Jackson Lake), then went for a hike from the Lupine Meadows trailhead. We set out toward Garnet Canyon, but didn't make it there. Between a fussy Doodle and a late start, we decided not to push ourselves. So we hung out and had an easy hike.

At one point we were hanging out while J was bouldering right near the trail. I heard rustling in the bushes down trail from us, and froze while I waited to see what it was. I couldn't really tell until the animal lifted its head enough for me to see the ears...it was a bear!

Fortunately there were plenty of huckleberries around to occupy this young bear. I don't think it even saw us. Doodle was mesmerized watching it until it crossed the trail and passed out of view.

This is Doodle signing "more" because she wants more bear. Obviously Mama is not so keen on the idea of more bears.

After the bear sighting we left the bouldering spot and headed back to the car. We had a pretty uneventful evening, though our campground neighbors again were close and loud. *sigh* Guess I'm not big on packed, established campgrounds.

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Sha'Niqua said...

I think your doodle might have a career as a brew master, she looks pretty good (minus the beer belly)!