10 June 2008

We're back!

Day one back from the roadtrip: already taught a section of Human Anatomy lab, and am now catching up on emails. Soooo much tidying and unpacking left to do, plus mowing, weeding, and seedling transplanting. But it's raining now, so the outdoors stuff will have to wait.

Here's a summary of the trip, with more details and pics to follow.

31st - Drove to SLC. Danced in the Shah Sitara Showcase. Crashed at a friend's house.
1st - Drove to The Cabin (Eastern Sierra Nevada, CA).
2nd - Crazily long hike above Mammoth Lakes.
3rd - Vegged at the cabin, recovering from hike. Bought chocolate and books in Mammoth. Went to the hotsprings.
4th - Drove to Glendora (greater LA region, CA). Stayed with J's mom.
5th - Ran errands for T's (J's sis) wedding.
6th - More wedding prep. Rehearsal at the church, rehearsal dinner afterwards.
7th - Wedding day! It was beautiful, and we had a blast.
8th - Packed up. Went to MECDA Bellydance Carnivale. Left SoCal, camped in a corner of AZ just outside St. George, UT.
9th - Puttered around campsite in the morning. Drove home to Logan.

Doodle did wonderfully with all of the driving, and really loved the cabin. She seemed to enjoy being fawned over by family once she got over her initial stranger danger with various people. She gives high fives, knuckles, and "noggin" (head bumps) on request, plus kisses or hugs to the family members she warms up to. She's such a love.

Okay, back to catching up on other things. I'll post photos of Miss Doodle in her cuteness, plus other random stuff later.

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