27 June 2008

Odd utterances

This morning I heard myself utter this phrase:

"Miss Doodle, we do not throw dead mice!"1

What odd things have you caught yourself saying?

1) Context: I pulled a (dead) mouse out of the freezer to thaw and feed to one of our snakes. Doodle wanted to see it. I handed it to her, letting her hold it in its plastic bag. When I asked for it back, she ran to the living room and started climbing on the couch to get away from me. I asked for it back again, grabbing onto her. It was then that she threw the mouse - perhaps better for it to be lost to everyone than for the dreaded MOM to get it? Anyhow, that's when the above phrase was uttered.


Karin said...

teehee, that sounds just like something we would say in our house. In fact, just this morning, Buggy was sitting on her potty. Her Auntie was lamenting to her "why did you have to wake up so early and why won't you go potty now?" She had been up 1 1/2 hours earlier than usual and had been sitting on her potty for 35 minutes at that point. She looked at her auntie, smiled and said, "How 'bout...sing a song" and then proceeded to sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" It was great. ;-)

Laura said...

When my son was a newly crawling baby, he worked his way over to the unused treadmill while I was reading a book. My husband noticed and said, "No--don't lick the treadmill." We redirected him and thought it was funny--the most action the treadmill had seen in a while.

Mama bee said...

That is awesome! I love both of those stories. Thanks for sharing.

Mama bee said...

Two new fun ones today: "No honey, shoes don't go in the raisins." and "Shoes don't eat crackers."