13 June 2008

The Cabin

We had a couple of reasons for driving to California rather than flying this time around.  First, the cost was comparable.  Second, we would be able to help run wedding-prep errands if we had our own vehicle down there.  Third, we could stop by the cabin on the way.  Once we realized the third option, there was no way we were flying.  

The Cabin belongs to J's dad, and is located in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, a little north of Bishop.  It is J's favorite part of the whole world.  He grew up visiting his grandparents' cabin up there (incidentally, their cabin is right next door to J's dad's cabin), and loves that area.  He even spent a summer working up there.  Plus I had only seen the cabin in winter (a one-night stay after fleeing an impending Death Valley storm on New Years Eve 2005) and spring (our first roadtrip, spring break 2003).  I needed to see the cabin in summer.  So we had to go.

There are a couple of ways you can go to get to the cabin from SLC.  You can drive across the top of Nevada on I-80, then head south on Hwy 395.  Or you can drive diagonally southwest across Nevada on Hwy 6.  Most people will opt for I-80.  Why?  It's a major interstate with predictable gas stations, more traffic, and towns along the way.  Highway 6 does not have this.

Highway 6 is in the middle of nowhere.  This would deter most road-trippers.  But not us.  It's the faster way to go, and so we went.  Turns out it's a really beautiful drive.  Yes, we kept a close eye on the gas gauge with the sparseness of towns on the map.  But that was fine.  We were free of bazillions of billboards and the same set of fast food signs peeking up from each exit along major interstates.  We got to see the Basin and Range region in all its glory.  The passes were pretty, the traffic was minimal, and it was easy going.  I'd definitely recommend that route.

Our stay at the cabin was wonderful.  We turned off our cell phones, and settled into a few days of just being together and enjoying the area.  We went on an epic adventure (post to follow), and spent the rest of our time relaxing.  Here are some cabin pics.  I really hope to spend more time there in the future.  (As you can see, Miss Doodle loves it there too!)


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