29 June 2008


We have a family of Western Screech Owls living in the trees connecting our yard to Awesome Neighbors' yard. A few days ago we were in the yard with the kiddos and heard some strange noises coming from the trees - noises which resembled those of the little owls we'd seen in the yard last year. On closer inspection of the apple trees, we spotted at least 5 babies (5 or 6, I don't remember) plus one watchful mama on a nearby branch (above). They are ADORABLE. Awesome Photog Neighbor took the above picture, plus this one of the babies:

Wook at their cute widdle iddy biddy owl toes! The kiddos were very excited, and commenced hooting at the owls. Mama owl was none too thrilled with our presence, so after lots of pointing, hooting (from Doodle and little neighbor A) and photographing we left them alone. We have seen them a couple of times since, but not all clumped together like this.


Knotty Britta said...

We have owls too!! They are so cute, I think there are 3 babies. No pix though, they are in a hard to photograph place. I love watching them with the binoculars though.

Daktari said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Awesome. I'm subscribing. And great hooters, darlin! My best to Josher and give that young 'un a squeeze from Auntie Lizzer.