27 June 2008

...like the grown ups do

We have dabbled a bit with Elimination Communication (EC) with Doodle. EC basically means communicating with your little one about pottying, and when possible giving them "potty-tunities" to relieve themselves someplace other than their diaper (usually a little potty, bowl, sink, etc.). We're fairly inconsistent in offering "potty-tunities," but every once in a while Doodle will make it known that she needs to go and we'll remove her diaper so she can do so. This came in handy on our Epic Hike, as she would hold it until she was out of her backpack. Thus we were able to pee her at stopping points along the hike and only went through three diapers that whole time.

She will also sometimes wait until morning to relieve herself. So some mornings she wakes up dry, then we plop her on a potty and she does her thing. But sometimes she pitches a fit (usually when she's not fully awake yet) and we have to give her some time before she's ready. Yesterday was a variation on the not-ready theme.

Doodle woke up happy after sleeping in. We nursed, read a couple of books, and then I figured I'd change her diaper. But lo - She was still dry! So off to the bathroom we went. I offered the little potty, and got a stern "NO" from Doodle. Offered to sit her on the big potty (I sit on the seat, and put her in front of me so she feels supported), and she nodded. We got situated and she started yelling in protest. I figured she wasn't ready. I set her down, and she ran into the bedroom. I followed, only to see her grab a book: Llama llama red pajama. She then carried the book into the bathroom. I asked her if she wanted to read on the potty and she nodded an emphatic "yes". So we sat back on the big potty and started reading Llama llama. Apparently that was all she needed because she was able to complete her business and was happy as a clam about it.

Was it that potties are boring, and she needed outside stimulation? Just needed to get one more reading of Llama llama in before she was ready to start the day? I don't know. I'm not even sure that she's seen either J or myself ever reading on the potty, so I don't think that was her inspiration. Either way, it worked!


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Lindsey said...

WoW! I had not idea she was so well versed in the world of the potty. Nice.