30 April 2009


The house is quiet. J and Doodle have taken of to east-central UT for a couple days of camping, playing on boulders, and papa-daughter bonding time. I'm home, working on my thesis. I know they'll be fine, but at the same time I'm really anxious being stuck here, unable to do anything if they need me. *deep breath* It will be fine. I know it will. They will have a blast.

So I sit and write. The only non-thesis things I will allow myself to work on while they are gone are: making food, doing dishes, and getting the mower working if I can. Everything else - the cleaning, laundry, sewing, gardening, puttering - all that will have to wait. I must use my time efficiently and get a lot done.

If you see me on Facebook or Twitter or posting another blog entry here, please gently remind me to get back to work. Thanks.

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Pajama Pants Crusader said...

A few days of nothing but thesising sounds wonderful! I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever finish mine.