17 April 2009


Yesterday I had a severe fit of domesticity. I did dishes, folded laundry, made dinner (yummy burgers & homemade buns), got bread started and made cinnamon rolls. And sewed Doodle a skirt. I used the Oliver+s Lazy Days skirt pattern (free here - look in the sidebar for the link). It was quick, easy and fun. Did I mention easy? I'm totally going to make more of these skirts for her. And, maybe, me. Anyways, here's the skirt:

Yes, okay, I know. Striped shirt not matching the skirt or the single striped sock. She's got her own kind of fashion going. It'll catch on soon. Really.

But the skirt! Isn't it cute? Super easy, good for spinning, and it's got a cute little ribbon at the bottom that makes it look like it was more work than it was. Hooray for home-sewn stuff looking good!

Yeah, over-exposed. I know. But she wanted to show me UPCLOSE. That happens. Point being: cute skirt. That I made with minor help and hand-holding by J (when stressing about the "this says it's only supposed to be 7/8", and this seam here is a full inch!" hyperventilating drama I'm capable of. Thanks J for tolerating me.)

Yay skirt! Next project: Doodle pants?


Lindsey said...

That is cute! Almost inspires me enough to make Ari those PJ's I've been meaning to make... Sounds like your nesting, are you sure this kids due in October?

Mama bee said...

Ugh, I know! I feel like I've been going through fits of nesting since getting pregnant. I think most of it stems from bursts of energy combined with the thoughts of "I should do this now, because it'll be so much easier than trying to do X when I'm hugely pregnant". Apparently pregnant-me is less enthusiastic about procrastination than non-pregnant me. Which is good, I suppose.

Mama bee said...

Oh, and we could totally have a PJ sewing party sometime!