13 April 2009

A good (but crazy) busy

This weekend was fun, but nuts.

On Saturday we:
1) Went to the climbing gym for J's bouldering competition. The morning session was just him and FunEllen, so it was mellow. Doodle ran around and tried climbing while I watched J and FunEllen climb for a little bit. I left early to drop Doodle off with friends, then frantically put on makeup to prepare for...

2) the drive down to SLC to perform (bellydance) at Meeting of the Tribes. Stopped at the Aquarius Fish Market where I stocked up on much-needed yummy fish after getting the most delicious cinnamon belgian waffle from a hole-in-the-wall café run by a couple of Belgians. Sooooo yummy. Ate, danced, then came home. The performance went pretty well, I think, though I think we're all glad we have a month or so to polish it before our next show.

3) Meanwhile J, Doodle and one of our small friends went out to Baby Animal Days. Doodle rode a horse and looked at cute animals, and J climbed the greased pole. Blech. At least he got $3 off the pole - enough to pay for Doodle's admission to the bounce house.

4) We rendezvoused, ate dinner, then went back to the climbing gym to watch the finals. J didn't make it into the top three for the advanced climbers, so we just watched the finals while Doodle ran around, swinging on ropes, applauding FunEllen and generally enjoying lots of space to run and jump and climb. We stuck around until the comp was done, then J tried out some of the routes the finalists climbed. Finally got home at 10:30pm. LONG DAY.

Sunday we:
1) dyed eggs, then hunted for plastic eggs in the front yard. Doodle loved it all.

2) went to Caffe Ibis for coffee/hot chocolate. Nice mellow morning (which J needed, as he was sore from all that climbing).

3) got Doodle to nap after a crying fit because we didn't go to the library. You see, when running errands around town we will often stop at the library followed by the coffee shop or vice versa. So after hot chocolate, Doodle assumed we'd be going to the library, and was very sad when we didn't. Yep, that's my girl - bookworm through and through.

4) Post-nap we went to our friends' house for an Easter/post-baby-blessing dinner. Had fun hanging out, watching the kids play, and holding their 2 week old baby boy. Friends enjoyed asking Doodle where mama's baby is - her answer: "In UTERUS!!!" (yelled very enthusiastically). Good fun.

Thanks FunEllen, StrangeFam, Duffys, climbers and bellydance girls for a fun but exhausting weekend!


Mom's Sewing Vault said...

That "in uterus" bit is funnier than the phase my kids went through where they declared the gender of each person they say and what body part determined it. "You're a boy, because you have a penis."

Glad you had such a fun weekend. Good luck finding the nap and/or post-weekend-weekend. I think you did more this weekend than I did my entire last pregnancy! lol

matt said...

What a weekend! Sounds crazy and fun. No wonder you need another weekend just to recover.