15 April 2009

Easter-y fun

Here are some photos of our Easter. I didn't get any good ones of our busy, busy Saturday, but took a bunch on our much more mellow Sunday at home.

Grandma Sabrina made these awesome Easter gifts, all knitted! The basket/nest looks very realistic. So cool! Doodle loves them. (Bonus: the hatching chick also fits in some of the larger plastic eggs we have, so Doodle can make it hatch out of lots of things).

See? She loves it!

We started letting Doodle take pictures with the camera. This is J after the 8th photo in a row that Doodle took of him.

J and Doodle dyeing eggs.

The finished product (yes, we only dyed 7). Doodle working on opening a plastic egg found in the yard.

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Knotty Britta said...

You one-uped us, we did 10 eggs, but we colored on them with markers because we actually forgot about easter this year until it was a day away.

We usually go all out for holidays because it's fun that way, but this year has been weird.

I love those adorable pictures. One note though about letting the little one take pictures... Taiten was about her age when we let him and we have gone through 3 cameras since then and he's only almost 5!