16 April 2008

Good Papa

Sometimes it's hard to balance parenthood and grad school. Here's J, showing his multitasking skills.
Yes, he is reading a scientific paper while swinging a sleeping Doodle. So cute. Photo courtesy of our Awesome Photographer Neighbor II, spouse of Awesome Photog Neighbor I.


Amy said...

That is HILARIOUS!! I totally could see Aaron doing the exact same thing!!

Karin said...

That is totally familiar at our house. (Although, thankfully, not so much a scientific paper anymore) But hey, baby and Daddy are together and nobody is getting hurt, how much better can it get?

Congrats on the belly dancing, BTW. I may have to come to your next performance... :-)

Lindsey said...

You know Joe took that photo...can you believe it, it's not even of a picture of a bug! You should feel very special.