16 April 2008

Basil = Love

For our first date, J made dinner. His friend left him a note as she was leaving that day, and at the bottom wrote "Remember: Basil = Love". He put basil in dinner (along with a LOT of garlic), and the rest is history. We both love basil, and have started growing some seedlings for this year's garden. So it seemed incredibly appropriate that Miss Doodle wanted to both sniff (above) and hug (below) our basil seedlings.

Because the love that made her all started with basil.


Josh said...

Thanks for bringing me back to that dinner. Susan's advice was great and I'm glad that Doodle likes our basil plants. Love you. ~Josh

Amy said...

I love her, she is just SOOOOO adorable. Sometimes, more adorable than my monkeys!!