13 April 2008

Forays in drunken blogging

I warned you...after the bellydance performance (I'll get there, give me a sec) I came home and got a little tipsy. But now I can't sleep, and I'm buzzed. And so, I blog. Please forgive any rambling. It's the rum.

So, the performance. It went GREAT! I can't say I was amazing. I'm not. I am improving, yes. Getting better every day. Which is why I'm not at amazing yet. I am good. I did really well. I am proud of how I did. I felt the music, I flowed with it, I moved around the restaurant. I got tips! People actually gave me money for my dancing!!! That is the strangest thing yet....that people enjoy my dancing enough that they are willing to give me money for it. Totally trippy. (yes, I pretty much only use the word trippy when I'm drunk. Otherwise it seems to stoner-ish for me. Moving on...)

So now I'm on this adrenaline high of excitement, and not really completely believing that I actually did it. That I'm really done, and that the cause of all that anxiety and stress this week is just *poof* gone. But it is. That was so much easier and SO much more fun than I thought it could be.

I think it helped that the restaurant was only ~1/2 full for our late seating. Plus the fact that Josh and our friends were 7 of the people there, and another two tables were fellow bellydancers and their spouses...it really made it a friendly environment. Everyone was smiling and clapping. It was fun. It was really truly fun. I didn't freeze up, I didn't freak out. I truly had fun.

Part of me, Introvert Me, is wondering what in the hell just happened. Formerly-closeted Extrovert Me is basking in the spotlight and loving the freedom to just be. It's such a strange dichotomy.

*sigh* I did it. I danced in a restaurant, to a song I knew without a choreography. And it went well, people enjoyed it, and I had fun. Wow. I think I may have to do this again.


Amy said...

I know I'm ONLY a BEGINNER, but SOMEDAY I hope I have your self-confidence and beauty while bellydancing. NOW it's my turn to FREAK out!! You did REALLY well.

Ryan O'Donnell said...

You were awesome! We had a great time and were very impressed. We're looking forward to Friday!