29 April 2008


We're starting a garden. A big, cooperative garden with our neighbors on someone else's land. Okay, I'll clarify. There's a lady around the corner with a good plot of land that has been gardened for years. She has to pay every year to keep her canal water rights, and she wants the land to be used. But it's a lot of space, so she offered to let our neighbors garden it. They asked us if we wanted to join in, and we jumped at the opportunity. We get free land and water access, and can garden to our hearts' content. Yippee! Finally, space for all the tomatoes I dream about in the long, tomatoless winter months.

So yesterday we tilled the land. We worked a little on garden planning last night. Today we're hoping to get some seeds in the ground. Tomorrow, when it's cooler outside, we'll plant onion starts.

I'm so excited to have a big garden!

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