21 December 2010

Not a fashion consultant

This is why no one will ever ask me for fashion advice:

  • a sassy homemade apron
  • seasonally-appropriate grungy Old Navy shirt
  • my grandpa's old overalls, probably from the 1970s or 80s, complete with stains from who-knows-what on the thighs.
  • Hair in pigtail buns. Yes I'm 28. Why do you ask?
Not shown:
  • down bootie slippers
  • seasonally-appropriate snowflake socks
  • and the torn cuff of my overalls, still safety-pinned since circa 2003 when I ripped it on my bike.
Yep. Pinnacle of Fashion. I guess that's where Doodle gets it.


Amy said...

Ok seriously, you are one of the most beautiful women I know! So, no more talking like that! I"m wagging my pointer finger at you!

Daktari said...

Nifty coincidence. I made pajamas today as a Christmas present for my mother. Just like your previous Doodle fashion post.

Mama bee said...

D: I made PJs for Doodle last year as a fun Christmas Eve thing. Had every intention of doing it again this year for both Doodle and Roo, but I got overambitious with the sewing projects. I'm currently trying to finish off 5 small things for brother's Xmas present... before we fly to WA tomorrow afternoon. So the PJs went on the back burner. Maybe they'll be Valentine's Pajamas this year?

Mama bee said...

Amy: thanks. I wasn't feeling especially un-cute, just frumpy and like I was dressed kind of odd (though not at all odd for me). Y'know?

Liv said...

I think that's a beautiful picture! I too am wearing down slippers...

matt said...

Your outfit does not reflect the joy and love that you put into the season. The creativity and thoughtfulness touches us all. Merry Christmas to my favorite Bug-ologist.