12 December 2010

Almost Four and ready to fly

The birthday crown

She's bouncing bouncing everywhere, reminding us at least once an hour that tomorrow she'll be Four!!!

While watching climbing/base-jumping/wing suit flying videos with J this morning, they struck a deal.

Papa, when I'm big like Jake, I want to fly.
Me too, Doodle.
Papa, maybe we can fly together!
When you're big enough.

14 years (+ 1 day) and she'll be old enough to sign her own waiver. And chances are, she and her Papa probably will fly together someday.

I'll be sitting by, watching and marveling at how the time has flown by. Just like I am today.


Daktari said...

Man, that is a sweet birthday crown. Wish I had one of those when I was a kid.

I sorta wish I had one now. :]

Mama bee said...

D: give me a head measurement and color scheme of choice... ;)

Daktari said...

21 5/8". I'm thinking a background of purple with gold and orange bling. This would be the most AWESOME THING EVER for my 50th!

Daktari said...

Oh. And in 14 years, I'll be 62. I wonder if they'd let me base jump. Who knows? By then 62 might be the new 30! Maybe I'll join them.

Mama bee said...

D: I'm sure they'd let you. I'm working on convincing J and Doodle that they should try skydiving BEFORE basejumping. J's thinking hang-gliding before all of that. Once any of this adventure falling starts to materialize into an actual plan we'll let you know. :)

Mama bee said...

Measurement and color scheme noted. I won't get it made before the new year, but once holiday sewing is finished you can bet this will be on my To Sew pile.