07 December 2010

Counting down

See that purple link with the star? That's a fourth birthday, rapidly approaching. After that there will be some hanging out and merriment and more presents and flying to Hawaii and such. But right now what matters most is that there are only six! days! left!

She's already planning her cake (the standard maple-carrot cake, but with red and yellow frosting) and her birthday dinner (chicken soup). Plus lots of presents and maybe even some cake eating before dinner. I foresee her spending each of the next six days lobbying for cake-before-dinner.

I foresee myself agreeing with her.

(Especially when she's wearing the awesome birthday crown I finished for her last night. Shhhhh! It's a surprise...)


Lindsey said...

Oh blasphamey! Ari picked out Coras gift before we even moved from Logan, and I do believe we never mailed it. Shoot! Must. FInd. And. Get. In. Mail. Aaaaaaa

Daktari said...

I am really glad that she hasn't yet reached the age where she thinks that December birthdays suck. The party is being held on December 17th, btw, if you want to come!

Liv said...

You're such a good mama.