17 November 2010

Heh. Right.

Alternate title: Wishful thinking, Take 2.

All that baking talk yesterday amounted to a whole lotta nothin'. Technically I did attempt to make the spaghetti squash recipe, but our squash sucked and it was the least noteworthy part of dinner.

But today will be different! The kids are still snotty and crabby, but right now Roo is napping and Doodle is being digitally entertained (thank you Pixar!). So I'm off to the kitchen to attempt a PB Crispy/Coffee Crisp/Graham Cracker bakefest. Updates to follow.


Lindsey said...

Oh how I wish we were still neighbors and I could be there to help you eat the PB Delicious crispy bars. I so have to make those tonight...don't think I can sleep without them now.

Mama bee said...

Linds: you know if we still lived next door I'd make a double batch and bring you a pan. :)