18 September 2010

Doodle excerpts from a nature outing

Memorable snippets from an outing with the kids to Shaver's Creek Environmental Center last week.

Much discussion and admiration of migrating monarchs, and a monarch costume worn proudly.

(real, live) Snakes in tanks with informative signs, followed by a Real! Live! Snake! in the Wild!

Lots of worker bumble bees (that means they're girls, Mom, so don't touch!) foraging on the jewelry (Jewelweed). It's called that because it's like jewelry on the plant. Like bracelets when I bellydance.

Treasures in the form of early-turning fall foliage, collected and carefully stowed for transport home. But don't give it to anyone. Not even a moose.

Admiring injured Bald Eagles, then asking them hey, do you want to go to a playground with me?

This kid is so amazing, so engaged, so awesome.

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Britta said...

I have been keeping a list of things my kids say. SO fun.