12 September 2010

Me Things

Things I'm doing lately that bring me joy and make me feel fulfilled:

Experimenting in the kitchen (muffins, refried beans, improv dinners).
Chopping veggies for salsa after every one is asleep.
Canning the salsa and fresh tomatoes, storing away yummy summer food for wintertime family nourishment.
Reading for pleasure.
Back to bellydance class.

Ahhh. Feels good to be doing 'me' things again.


matt said...

There are times in life when we realize having or wanting things doesn't leave us fulfilled. Doing for self and others, especially family, can be incredibly rewarding. Great for you!

Britta said...

Part of the getting out of the house blogging this month has helped me get back to doing me things as well. When you stop doing them you start feeling all messed up. It's better to take care of you.

I love chopping up veggies! Whenever we move and are waiting on our stuff to arrive the first thing I buy is a good knife so we now have 4 good chopping nives.