11 July 2010

roadtrip redux

This is the quick&dirty version of our roadtrip.

Day 1: Left Logan late (4pm instead of ~10am) due to extra errands to run (#1: get nearly-flat tire fixed before loading Jeep). Had burgers in Laketown, drove to Rawlins, WY.

Day 2: Doodle played at train engine park in Rawlins. We drove to Vedauwoo, a climbing spot between Laramie and Cheyenne, and played for 3 hrs while J climbed, and Doodle chased chipmunks out of our gazebo (which, by the way, is a great way to teach a kid about not feeding the wildlife while also wearing said kid out in the process). Finally rolled into Kearney, NE as the lightning bugs wound down for the night. Camped at a lake, got mosquito bites.

Day 3: Kearney to Princeton, IL. Finished with Nebraska (hallelujah!), liked and exploited the wireless internet access at Iowa reststops (while still wishing we had an iPhone).

Day 4: Drove to Chicago where we met and had lunch with J's cousin Candy at one of Obama's fave restaurants, Medici. The service and bathroom lighting left something to be desired, but the food was really good. Drove through Indiana, part of Ohio. Ugh, Ohio. Turnpikes, expressways, and corn. But Window Crayons are awesome and double as 3yo makeup, and fuchsia sequined headband+sweaty napping kid = fuchsia-stained forehead. Should've taken more photos that day.

Day 5: Fremont, Ohio to State College, PA! Asked in OH if we were heading to the PA rainbow gathering. Hooray for looking like a ragged bunch o' hippies. PA has topographic changes! and far less corn! and Amish wagons! with canoes on top!

next up: The Craziness of Getting Settled. Or, this would be so much easier if we weren't all sick.

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Daktari said...

I loves me a good road trip. Sorry you are all sick.