29 June 2010

What I learned on our cross-country drive

  • Wyoming, and a bit of Nebraska, have A LOT of freight trains passing through, easily visible from I-80. This made for a very happy Doodle... at least until we reached Iowa and points beyond, where trains were scarce and begging to see more didn't make them appear any faster.
  • Camping in June in the middle of Nebraska right near a lake = mosquito central. Um, DUH. Totally should have expected that. Oh well.
  • Lightning bugs glow when they splatter on your windshield. :( Very sad. But they were so dense in NE that there was no dodging them.
  • Window crayons for the 3 y.o. are great, even when she grows silent for a bit, then declares "don't look at me." Yep, you guessed it. Window crayons double as Doodle Makeup.
  • The corn fields of Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio seem to go on FOR.EVER. Bloody corn.
  • Turnpike employees sound distinctly regional, even when simply asking you for $12 to cross Ohio.
  • Wireless internet at rest stops = awesome.
  • We were asked in Ohio if we were headed to the PA Rainbow gathering. It seems our Jeep, with cooler, camping bin, scoot bike and RocketBox strapped to the roof and liberal stickers on the back, looked like a hippie rig to fellow hippies. (woohoo!)
  • Fun Ellen is my new hero. Her goody bags for Doodle totally made the drive more fun for all involved. THANK YOU!!!
  • Doodle and Roo are great little roadtrip kiddos.

Now to get settled and find our place here in S.C., PA.


Lindsey said...

Hahhaa. I can picture it all! Do tell, what was in the Fun Ellen bag!?! Window crayons, where does one get window crayons. I need some, and I might share with Ari...

Sha'Niqua said...

Window crayons and window markers are available at local retailer store marker aisles. I didn't know they existed until I saw them. Anyway, my aunt once made me and my brother goody bags to open every hour for a road trip from PA to GA, and it was so awesome to get a little bag of flash cards or a headband that I still remember it to this day, so I had to make some for my current favorite moving 3 year old :)

Mama bee said...

Linds: the FunEllen (TM) goody bags included: window crayons, coloring book with crayons, sticker book, hair clips, light-up tiara, shiny play jewelry, squishy toy frogs in a cool cloth bag, purple bandana, glowsticks, my little pony, alphabet flash cards, word flash cards, play money... just a couple things in each bag, but she LOVED each and every one of them.