21 July 2010


We don't move in until Aug. 1st, but here's a (crappy cell phone camera) photo of the house we'll soon be living in. The full tour will have to wait until we haul all our crap there and the dust settles a bit.

Oh, and we have to find the camera cable... which box is it in again?


Lindsey said...

wow! looks wonderful. Can't wait for the tour.

allanjder said...

Wow, you can park inside next winter.
(the word verification to post is "ourdism" sounds like it can be a real word. Could be about "our ideology"?)

matt said...

And now you get to call it HOME. Hope the move went well, and you are soon settled in.
(my word verification is "swoon," as in "Kristal swooned at the thought of parking indoors during the winter.")