19 July 2010

What we've been up to

Since recovering from the Awful Lung Funk of 2010, we've been busy exploring this area. Here are some of the things we've done:
-Visited ArtFest, listened to live music, then ran across campus in a torrential downpour. We (especially Doodle) are loving the frequent, warm summer rains and the break from humidity that they bring.
-Went to People's Choice festival in Boalsburg, watched bellydance, and talked to the performers and an instructor. I'm hoping to start taking classes with them soon.
-Went exploring out at Black Moshannon State Park. Post coming soon.
-Explored Bear Meadows Natural Area for some blueberry picking, then drove down to a bouldering area for J to explore. I sat and read in the car with napping kids, then we all played in the stream and harassed small crawdads. It was great. That post is also coming soon.

This past Thursday we had to be out of the apt all day because the painters were coming to spiffy up the place before it's rented out Aug.1st. To stay busy all day we:
-hiked around at Millbrook Marsh (mymillbrookmarsh.org) for a couple of hours followed by
-little coffee shop/café for a break from the heat, followed by
-the community pool! For three hours! (note to self: if I even CONSIDER going to the pool later in the day, have J apply sunblock to my back before he leaves for work. Otherwise there's no way I'll get sunblock on my back, and I'll burn. again. OR I can take J's advice and find the sexiest lifeguard on duty and ask for sunblock application help. while holding my adorable baby. right.)

In other news, Roo took 17 steps in a row on Saturday! 17!!! Yes, we have video (finally). Yes, we know where the cord to connect the video camera to the computer is. It's in a box, of course. (which box? Umm, not sure. As soon as we know, video will be posted.)

Still on the to do list:
-find more of the parks in town, go to a park playgroup (now that I'm on some mailing lists and know when playgroups are happening)
-make it to the downtown S.C. farmer's market one of these days.
-much more exploring of natural areas
-minor league baseball! (Single A short season, just like the Spokane Indians.) Here in town! And they have beer!
-chocolate-covered bacon at Herwig's Austrian Restaurant downtown. Must. try.
-head to some bars in town. Bee Labbers coming to PennState soon beware! I'm planning to get my first S.C. bar experience with y'all!

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