10 February 2010

More sewing and beyond...

Yes, more sewing. But it was for a good reason! I'd made a birthday banner similar to the one in the above photo for Doodle's birthday. I used a mishmash of fabric scraps from my stash, and it turned out well. Some friends who came to Doodle's party loved it, and kept talking about how awesome and clever the banner was.

Fast forward to last week, when I learned that one of those friends was throwing a surprise party for his wife. I asked him if I could make a banner for her party and he said "that'd kick ass!" So I quickly whipped up the banner in the above photo, and brought it to her party the following evening. They *love* it, which makes me happy.

Close up:
The letters are applique'd on (ironed then sewn), and the whole thing is sewn to a long strip of bias tape. Some of the fabrics were selected for silliness (bees for the letter B, tie dye because I love it), and some because they're familiar (I made a purse for their daughter A out of the blue H fabric last year, gift bags out of the D fabric, and a skirt for daughter S out of the purple P fabric). I'm very pleased with it.

Then here's the weird thing: academic interest in my banner. One of our friends' friends is an Extension faculty member in sewing and design stuff. She teaches classes on sewing, classes on designing dresses... you get the idea. So she saw my banner and approached me about making a How To sheet which would then be published in a peer-reviewed manner. A peer-reviewed sewing publication?! I barely feel like I know how to sew!!! So I'll be talking with her sometime in the next couple weeks, and may get a publication out of the deal. Totally crazy!


Lindsey said...

I think you should make these and sell them. I would buy one, and I'm pretty sure I would leave it up all year long. Love it.

matt said...

New backup plan: Kristal as Home Ec and Sewing teacher. Totally an option.