08 February 2010


I had a great birthday last week.

We went to our favorite hot springs the weekend prior, and finally got to bring Little in the water. He LOVED it. So we're 2 for 2 on babies who love hot springs, which is awesome.

I didn't get to sleep in on my bday, but that's okay. Doodle started to stir at 6ish, and rather than let her go back to sleep, J turned to her and said "Guess what day it is... Mama's birthday!" With that, Doodle was up and out of bed and ready to bring me presents to open, pronto. It was so cute I forgave him for the early morning.

I opened presents (including a Learning To Knit kit from my knitty mother-in-law - Thanks!), ate the delicious breakfast J made for me, then enjoyed a mellow morning of hanging out with my favorite people at home. J went to school for a few hours, then came home early to make me a yummy dinner.

I thought that'd be the extent of the festivities. I was wrong. I went to bellydance early for some costume fitting. While I was waiting for practice to start, my sneaky fellow dancers brought in a cake, fully ablaze, and sang to me. Totally unexpected. It was quite sneaky, and I loved it.

Thanks everyone!

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