18 September 2009

We can do it! (I hope...)

Today marks the start of what may end up being a very VERY long week. You see, J will be spending the next week on the far side of the country from us, doing big collaborative things with his data and an awesome bunch of people. This trip is really a great thing. It's a wonderful opportunity for J to get help with analyzing a metric shit-ton of data while networking and schmoozing and being Mr. Independent PhD Student. It will help him A LOT.

The only drawbacks: I teach this week (meaning some creative Doodle-juggling is in the works), and I'm 37 weeks pregnant. So I'm tired exhausted most of the time, becoming progressively less comfortable by the day, and am totally stressing about all the things I need to get done *NOW*. Or yesterday, really.

At least today went well. We'd planned a big full day of a newborn-wearing sling tutorial followed by errand-running, more errand-running, grading and a midwife home visit. We ended up lounging, relaxing, coloring, doing minor errand-running, texting J a lot, and chillin' with the FanClub. Doodle had a couple minor meltdowns which started out as "Ow I smushed my toe" and ended up each time as "I neeeeeeeeed my Paaaaaapaaaaaaa!" But we got through. And now, courtesy of an early wakeup, no nap and fun with the girls this evening, she's asleep 1.5 hours before our usual bedtime. Ahhh, sweet tranquility.

I do have most of my major nesting projects done, so now it's time to buckle down, turn on a DVD (or five) this week and get some more thesis writing done. And grading.

Feel free to send any Mellow-Doodle and Baby Stay Put! vibes our way this week. Hopefully we won't need a lot of them, but you never know.


Amy said...

If you need ANYTHING, you call us, I mean it.

Karin said...

We can take Doodle for some time. I'm sure my kids would entertaining her. :-) Let me know. I am so glad when J travels as it means that he is working hard and has a job, but I never sleep well when he is gone and I always feel overwhelmed, regardless of my actual workload. Let me know if you could use a park day or other some such. :-)