27 September 2009


I feel big. Just... big.

Last night I decided to try on my troupe bellydance costume and make the necessary size adjustments before the show. Ho-ly cow. I knew I'd gained weight in my hips. And they've spread out some. I'm 38 weeks pregnant. This is normal. But inches? Plural? Whoa.

How my belt fits now - hooks are on the very ends of the pieces, though it *does* meet (thank goodness!)

The difference. Inches. The finger on the right is pointing to where the hooks attached back in May. Finger on the left indicates where they attach now. Yep, bit of a difference.


Mom's Sewing Vault said...

wha..? We don't get to see you in the full costume? I bet you're gorgeous. :)

Mama bee said...

I'll post full costume pics from the show (assuming I perform). I was just trying things on last night, and it's not nearly as cute of a look when I have my glasses on, hair in a ponytail, no stage makeup... you get the idea.