24 September 2009


"Pregnant" Doodle, practicing

In preparation for our homebirth, we've talked a lot with Doodle about the birth process and how things will go. We've even shown her some birth videos (with a running dialogue between Mama and Doodle all the while) to help her understand that it's okay when Mamas make noise. Things like that. I guess we're in the Open and Honest Explanation category when it comes to explaining birth.

Doodle seems to be processing all this birthy info really well. In fact, she has been practicing giving birth for the past three days. This is typically how it goes:

She shoves a baby up her shirt then tells me "I have a baby soon!"
She stands there for a second, then starts saying "Oh! Ohh! Baby's comin'!" as she pushes the baby down.
Baby comes out of her shirt, Doodle catches it.
She brings the baby up to her chest and starts making cute cooing "Ohhh, hi baby!" sounds.
She holds baby out to me, stating "Baby's messy."
I pretend to wipe off the baby while I tell her congratulations and that her baby is beautiful.
She holds the baby for a few seconds then tells me "Baby needs milk." Depending on her mood, she'll pretend to nurse the baby or she'll insist that I need to "because mama has big milk boobies."

I think she's ready for the big show.

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Mom's Sewing Vault said...

Love it! So very sweet. Gotta love kids' open honesty: Samantha has been telling me lately that my "nurse are squishy." :)