22 September 2009

Home Visit (37w3d)

Today our wonderful midwife Melissa came to our house for The Home Visit. I was excited to finally see her, as it'd been nearly five weeks since we'd met (I saw her midwifery partner for our last appointment). Oddly, I was nervous about the home visit. Nervous! I mean, really. She's been to my house before. She's helped with the birth of my child in my house before. Yet I was nervous that somehow my house wouldn't meet her approval? Yes, preggy logic strikes again.

The appointment went well. Very chill. Belly is measuring normal, my pee is good (though I seem to be perpetually spilling sugars... grrr). Still no internal exams, so no official numbers to offer up as to my cervical status. I know you're bummed. Tough. ;-) I told Melissa I've had pinchy cervical twinges off and on, and she said "Good!" I also told her that 1-2x/day I've had an actual contraction that feels labor-ish and makes me stop what I'm doing and pay attention. Her reply: "Great!" She's encouraged that my body seems to be getting ready, but also seems to be in no rush. Hooray for me.

Added bonus of the home visit: we now have drop cloths and chux pads and an inflatable kiddie pool at the ready for labor. I already have baby clothes laundered, towels at the ready, and the house is probably more tidy than it's been in a LONG time.

Now all we need is 1) J to come home, 2) me to complete my last few pre-delivery obligations of teaching and, hopefully, performing in the bellydance show coming up. Then baby gets the all clear and we're ready to go!

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