10 November 2008

Sweet Peas closing

Sad news, fellow Loganites: Sweet Peas Market is closing. Their last day will be Nov. 22nd, when they will have a big sale on whatever is left (groceries + equipment). They're also having a Benefit Estate Sale at their house, as they have to downsize for their move back to Texas. The sale is this Saturday, Nov. 15th from 10am-5pm at 120 Water St. in Logan. They have tons of girls' clothes, toys, ceramics, new skiis, etc. Please come support Patrice and her family at the store and at their yard sale - they've been so great and we're very sad to see them go!


Doreen said...

I got the email this morning. It's so sad. :o(

Kim said...

I was afraid of this happening. I admit, I don't shop there as much as I like. I just can't afford it, damn economy.
My best to Patrice and family.