05 November 2008

Mostly a really good day

The pros:
- Woke up to NPR talking about President Obama. Big sigh of relief. I feel like huge looming cloud has lifted, and I'm thinking positive happy thoughts about the future of our nation.

- Had a good, encouraging talk with my awesome academic advisor (not the advisor who causes me all sorts of distress). I feel refreshed and reinvigorated. I should really talk to him more often.

The cons:
- Still not knowing the results of California's Prop. 8, though it's looking bad. I have a big long post in mind for the near future regarding the role out-of-state religious groups played in the Pro-8 campaign, and how it hurts my heart to think about. But I can't do it right now.

- Local democratic candidates lost abysmally. This made the rally last night bittersweet - we won the presidential race, but lost all the local ones despite our hard work. Makes me feel like maybe it's futile to try and change anything in Utah.

I'm so glad Election Day is done, but still feeling the push to make a difference. I wonder if others feel the same. I hope so.


Doreen said...

Don't give up, you do important work. I don't know why it is that Mormons think that in order to be "good Mormons", they can't possibly be affiliated with anything but the Republican party. And they can't possibly vote anything but Republican. It's very frustrating, especially to those of us who are LDS and liberal/progressive. I have to tell you though, I have a very conservative husband, and over the last 10 years, we've had lots of arguments when it comes to politics. We still don't agree on everything, but my so very conservative (and registered Republican) husband voted for change yesterday. Woohoo! :p Of course, we live in TX, which is almost as red as UT... Anyway, keep up the good work. That's all. :o)

Amy said...

I feel the same as Doreen about people in Utah sticking to one party even if they choose the opposite parties candidate. I have been Republican since I was able to vote, but it scared me at the thought of McCain and Palin being in charge, Yikes! My mom, who has been Republican all of her life actually changed her mind and voted for Obama and you can ask Aaron, my mom is a very stubborn, strong willed person who never let's anyone persuade her to do anything, but McCain screwed up with her this time. So, including Doreen and Dave, there are 4 mormons who changed their vote. Okay, so only one of us is in Utah, but it changed my mind and one is better than none, right? Am I helping at all?!! If I don't make sense, than just remember I'm pregnant and losing my mind!!

Mama bee said...

I have no problem with people calling themselves Republican and occasionally (or even regularly) voting for Democrats. That's great. That's thinking for yourself. I respect that.

It is very encouraging all of the LDS people I know who voted for Obama. One question, though: how did you vote on congressional candidates? county council? school board? I'd be willing to bet that most people who went out of their usual comfort zone to vote for Obama went right back to checking the little box next to the (R) for all the other seats up for election. And that's discouraging to me - that the office of President is worth thinking about and maybe changing your usual voting behavior, but for all the local stuff (which does affect us considerably) most people will fall back on their default behavior.

I think that's why I'm feeling discouraged.

Let me add, thank you Doreen and Amy for your comments. None of the above rant is directed at you...it's just my frustration with some of the mindlessness associated with voting and such. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

done ranting now.

Anonymous said...

"mindlessness associated with voting"
have you ever voted republican?