14 November 2008

March for Equality

Follow up: The march was great! It was peaceful and had good attendance. Lots of honks and thumbs-ups from people driving by helped to make it feel like a good, positive gathering. The only counter-protesters were a pair of guys on skateboards holding up signs on paper plates and chanting "dicks are for chicks!" The HJ covered the march here.

This Saturday, Nov. 15th there will be a March for Equality here in Logan. This is part of the Join The Impact movement to promote love and equality in cities around the U.S. The event starts at 11:30am Mountain Time in front of Logan City Hall (255 N. Main). Bring peaceful, non-hurtful signs. Feel free to bring loved ones, friends, kids, etc. to raise awareness of support and love for all people and all families here in Cache Valley. For more info check the Join the Impact link above, or the event on Facebook here. We hope to see you there!

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Amy said...

Is this for Prop 8? I just saw on the 10:00 news about planned walks around the temple tomorrow, so I was wondering if this was related?