12 November 2008

International Babywearing Week!

Today marks the start of International Babywearing Week. In honor of this week, here are some pics of J and I wearing Doodle.

Doodle five days old, and being worn in the big wide world.

Wearing her in a wrap was the easiest way for me to eat dinner when she was itty-bitty. As you can see, she didn't mind.

My favorite J-wearing-Doodle picture. We were hiking this slot canyon, Doodle sound asleep against her Papa's chest in the wrap. I just love the little foot peeking out.

As you can see, we've worn her on hikes all over the place. Now that she's fully bipedal and being Little Miss Independent we wear her more on our backs in the Mei Tai or backpack, or we just take very slow hikes with her in the lead.

Happy with her Papa. I love these two.

I had to show off this cool traditional baby carrier from China. A friend sent it to us. It is hand-embroidered and beautiful. Near as I can tell it is a Podaegi-style carrier (I think). We haven't used it much but it is really pretty and fun to pull out now and then.

Us this summer on a hike above Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park. This Sherpani Rumba baby backpack is great for long hikes. We can pack food, water and diapers in the pockets and away we go.
This photo and the first one above show Doodle in our BabyHawk Mei Tai. We *love* this carrier lately - I just put her on my back, tie it on, and away we go.

Want to know more about babywearing? TheBabyWearer has a lot of really great info on babywearing, different styles of carriers... pretty much whatever you need to know. My friend PrairieMama has a post about babywearing this week, and will be posting another one over at The Bee in your Bonnet soon. PrairieMama also makes custom ring slings, available over at her Etsy shop.

Finally, who doesn't like a contest? Adventures in Babywearing is running a contest to give away two Nonny and Boo carriers. Go check it out!


Lindsey said...

wow you all looked so different 2 years ago!

Kim said...

I've always loved how much J wears Doodle. It is so sweet to see!!!
Thanks for the linky love!!! :D

Amy said...

With a new baby on the way, thanks for your post. My only concern is with my back problems, is the weight distributed pretty evenly in front or would it feel like I'm pregnant all over again? I will have to get together with you and talk about this. By the way, thank you for an awesome night Saturday. We had tons of fun. You guys always make such good food.

TopHat said...

Ah. Mei Tai. Don't have one yet, but I've worn one. I need to check out etsy for one!
I love the sleeping at the table pic!

Mandy said...

I love all of the pictures!