03 March 2011


What happens when Papa has the kids for a Saturday afternoon while Mama's off at bellydance workshops?
They make a papier machê volcano, of course!



Doodle's totally got a leg up on the grade school science fairs in her future.
"Make a volcano? Sure. Piece of cake. I did that when I was four!"

If that wasn't awesome enough, our friend Liv just posted a link to this amazing photo journey to the Nyiragongo Crater in Africa. So now Doodle's really REALLY excited about volcanoes and lava. and lava lakes. Really, check out the photos. Very cool.

We may make the eruptions a regular thing; stage our own reliably-timed lava flows. Y'know, like Old Faithful, only with molten lava. Ohhhh yeah. Parenthood is pretty awesome.


Liv said...

AWESOME! Can I be your kid for a day? I want to make a volcano. Sounds WAY more fun than writing a summary report for What I Did Last Summer For Field Work. Ugh.

Glad I could so perfectly time my post...

matt said...

I am sure that Cora and Tyler will totally be rock stars at the elementary school science fairs in the not-too-distant future!

Anonymous said...

Ummm - WOW to the crater. That is amazing! Your volcano is pretty snifty, too. My kids love science-y stuff - volcanoes are always a fun was to pass the afternoon.
Thanks for sharing the link!