31 March 2011

Bellydance costume revamp

Last year I bought a bellydance costume from a friend. It had been her sister's, and had belonged to who knows how many people before that. It's fun and funky, but it was showing its age. I decided to give this bra and belt set a makeover on a budget.

The problem was these paillettes. While the sequins still look great and the rhinestones are in good shape, the paint on the paillettes was badly chipped, making the whole costume look beat up. My solution: nail polish.

3.5 bottles of polish and countless hours later...

Ta-da! The paillettes are back to shiny and colorful. Much better. An inexpensive (though tedious and a bit stinky) way to revitalize a tired-looking bra and belt set.

Now it's all set for my next performance!


Lindsey said...

WoW, that's really cool! Your going to need to post a photo of you in it when you get all dolled up. It really looks cool!

Aneesa Bee said...

how resourceful you are! And I too am wondering why the photo is missing it's model :-)