19 August 2010

Up the slide

Yes I'm one of those parents. The ones that let their kids go up the slide. I try my hardest to emphasize the importance of only going up when there aren't other kids around, or when they're not near your particular slide. It doesn't always work, but I try.

That disclaimer is simply to reassure you that while I'm trying to raise respectful and courteous little people, I also encourage their daring behavior to some extent.

Witness my 10 month old crawling up the slide:

Apologies for the sideways video and lack of sound. My little point-and-shoot camera takes pretty crappy video but that's all I had with me.


matt said...

Yay for independence and individuality blended with kindness and courtesy.

btw...the "word verification" phrase today is 'dudeness.'


Sha'Niqua said...

he'll be a great friction climber due to all this training!

Lindsey said...

He and Isaac would have been great friends!