12 August 2010

The Secret Playground

When we were living in the apartment we discovered a path that led to The Secret Playground. This is a chronicle of our second adventure there.First you find the apartment complex playground. Don't get sidetracked there, though, because the adventure is just beginning. Keep going!

Find the corner where the fences come together, and go through the tunnel/cave/secret passage.

Keep going!

Walk through the "jungle," speculating about the presence of monkeys, tigers, and dragons.

Up and over the little hill...

...and back down...

(little brothers like adventures too. Moms, well, they have to come along. I guess.)

Ooh, a butterfly!

and wild strawberries!

and bluejay feathers!

There's the playground! RUN!!!

Slide down...

...then climb back up.
(there's no other kids here, so it's okay, Mom.)

Roo sandwich.

There's one of the jungle monkeys!

We may have to go back to the apartment complex just to make the journey to The Secret Playground again.


allanjder said...

Makes the trip to the playground a big adventure!

matt said...

what a wonderful adventure!