20 August 2010

Play ball!

We recently went to a minor league baseball game here in town. The State College Spikes, to be exact. It had been FOREVER since I'd been to a minor league baseball game. The last game I'd attended was with J a little over five years ago on our honeymoon in Alaska. Considering I spent three summers of my late teen years practically living at the ballpark, this was far too long away from the diamond.

My solution: propose a family outing to see the Spikes on one of the many Fireworks Nights. That way I get my baseball fix, the rest of the family gets some baseball exposure (first game for both kiddos), and they'd want to stay until the end because there would be fireworks! Win-win.

At the park.

Yay baseball! (and yay beer too!)

Cute, new stadium. The team's only been here 5 years. Attendance was around 4,500, comparable to an average night for the Indians.

The game was not spectacular but Single-A ball rarely is. The pitching was mediocre, the catcher had an off-night, and the Spikes lost 4-2. But I had a good time, and I think the rest of the fam did too. Plus FIREWORKS!

I love that man. Great Papa, supportive partner, and sexy to boot!

Roo LOVED the fireworks. He kept pointing at them in awe.

I think I'll be able to convince them to go again soon. Yay!

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