11 January 2010

Xmas PJs

This year I started what I hope will be a tradition for a while: Christmas Eve pajamas for the kiddos. I'd heard of friends giving their kids each a new set of pajamas on Christmas Eve as something special to wake up and open presents in the next morning. I liked the idea, and decided to try my hand at sewing a pair for Doodle. (Little was too small for the pattern this time around, but will get some mama-made PJs next year.)

This was my first time using a pattern in YEARS but it went really well. The pattern is the kimono pajamas from Oliver+S. I think it's really cute. I used some purple fabric (her favorite) that I had left over from a batch of girly skirts this summer. She thinks they're great. I think it's a tradition worth continuing. Yay!

Another Christmas-related sewing project shown: gift bags. The gift bag at her feet was one of many that we made this year. We started sewing gift bags as an alternative Christmas present wrapping method a few years ago. It cuts way down on the paper waste, is reusable, and is pretty to boot. I usually but Christmas-y fabrics in January when they're on clearance, then we make the bags in December once we know the sizes we need. It works great and I love it. Our families have even taken to keeping the bags and reusing them in subsequent years. Hooray!

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