04 June 2011

Weekly garden update: 4 June

Current garden layout. Shouldn't change much from here on out.

Another week, another garden update. This past week was hot and dry (93°!) so the kids and I hauled watering cans to water the tomatoes, peppers, herbs and peas twice this week. We headed to the garden with J yesterday, planning to do some weeding and watering. Turned out we didn't have to water - we got hit with a downpour about 15 minutes after arriving.

Doodle and Roo marveling at the thunder and rain; J all wet.

Kids and I hid in the picnic shelter right next to the garden while J finished planting some free seedlings we picked up: another Sungold tomato, some basil and oregano. We also harvested the last four stalks of bok choy, as it was being munched by flea beetles and getting pretty big. It was a lot of leafy greens to have all at once, so we decided to try our hand at making bok choy kimchee. If it turns out any good I'll be sure to post something about it.

I think we're finally (maybe?) done adding to the garden. The beans were being devoured as they sprouted, so we put two more tomato plants in their place. (We now have 17 tomato plants in the garden plus three at home.) There's not much room left to add anything, so at this point I think we're switching to strictly maintenance and care mode. Next to harvest from the garden: a few green onions, some herbs, strawberries soon, and hopefully some peas will start blooming next.


Daktari said...

I am so jealous! Despite my garden being in my backyard, I only yesterday finished planting seed! So, I now have about 50 tomatoes of various kinds, at least 40 peppers of various kinds, zucchini, yellow squash, and hopefully soon, some pitty pat squash, cushaw, pumpkin, cantaloupe, and musk melon. Fingers crossed. It's been dry here, too. And after all that rain that killed the small tomato plants I did get in on time. Weird early summer, huh?

Mama bee said...

D: 50 tomatoes?! Are planning to do some (or a lot of) canning? I thought I was crazy with 20 tomato plants... guess not?