26 May 2011

Weekly garden update: 26 May

Garden in a rainstorm, 23 May.

The garden is coming along nicely. The onions are looking great, and the tomatoes and peppers are all in their spots. (Well, all except the one additional tomato plant I just *had* to pick up at the farmer's market this week. It goes in tonight. THEN we're done adding tomatoes. Really.)

Behold: the tomatoes. 15 plants. Next to them: the peppers. 15 plants.

Just so you don't think our garden is all beauty and serenity, I present the carnage:

The stems on the left were once chard. I'm not sure what munched it, but the critter was quite thorough. On the left you'll see our current leafy green nemesis, the flea beetle. Darn buggers are munching small holes all throughout our radish and bok choy leaves. It seems the bok choy and spinach will be coming out of the garden soon, while there's still enough leaf for us to eat.

Hmm, perhaps their absence would free up enough room for oh, I don't know, maybe another tomato plant?

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