19 April 2011

Another birthday banner

I've officially decided that I love giving birthday banners as gifts. I signed up for a crafting swap of sorts with some friends earlier this year. One of these friends I have known since junior high, and reconnected with in the past couple of years. I realized that both of her childrens' birthdays were in April, so I decided to make them a birthday banner.

The construction is the same as previous banners: applique'd letters, double-sided banner pieces, and bias tape as the ribbon.

Simple, pretty, and fun.

Happy birthday, Conner kids!


matt said...

What a wonderful, timeless gift!

Lindsey said...

Your not just creating banners here, your ensuring that your 'presence' is at every b-day event of the people you give them too.

Yea for the B-Day banner. We LOVE ours!!!