18 February 2011

Sun! and Warmth! and... mud?

Park outing this morning = success.

It is 66 degrees outside right now. 66! I can hardly believe how warm it is, and how nice this reprieve from ice is. Instead of an indoor playgroup I opted to meet a friend at the park this morning. The same park at 3:30 yesterday afternoon had probably 80% more snow cover at the time than it had this morning. The grass was bare, the bark chips were bare, and the only ice clumps were in the hollows below the swings and at the bottom of the slides.

The kids ran, jumped, slid, ran more, rolled on the grass(!), climbed, and got thoroughly muddy on the baseball field. All three of us needed a full change of clothes when we got home. Totally worth it.

I'm not expecting this to last. In fact, tomorrow it's only supposed to hit 37 degrees. But right now, when the sun is shining and coats are not necessary for survival, I'm all too ready to ditch any previous plans and get myself and the kids outside. I only wish J could play hooky and come along. Hmmm... there's an idea...

Update: Mission:Hookytime was a success! We picked J up early from work and headed to the marsh where we got some quality birding and exploring in before the sun set. Added bonus: Doodle's shoes were still on the roof of the car when we got home!

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