10 February 2011


The kids and I were glad to get out and play in the sun and snow today, even if it was only 20ºF outside.


Liv said...

Looks like fun! Is your neck of the woods getting more snow than usual like other places out east?

Mama bee said...

Liv: surprisingly, no. Maybe that's just surprising to me though. We're in the rainshadow of the Alleghenies (to the West) so we don't get the lake effect snows of Pittsburgh or Erie, and we're too far from the coast to get the ocean-driven deluge that Boston, Philly, and other major coastal cities have been getting. It's nice that we've not gotten the 18+ inch blizzards, but disappointing in that the snow here this winter has been really crappy. Right now we have a hard crunchy ice layer on top of some sharp, packed snow. Not good for snowballs, snowmen, skiing, sledding... not good for much at all, really.

Mama bee said...

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