11 May 2010

Right now I have...

...a speedy army-crawling baby who has on several occasions pulled himself up to standing next to furniture. ACK!
...a three year old who is missing one of her very favorite grown-up friends.
...a frantically dissertating husband.
...a Master of Science degree!
...a manuscript submitted to a scientific journal, currently in review.
...an abstract submitted to present a poster at a pollinator conference this summer.
...a bunch of wonderful friends on my mind.
...a growing pile of yard sale ready stuff for this weekend. Anyone want a tarantula or 9 foot long turquoise couch?
...a missing dishwashing fairy. Seriously, he hasn't been by in weeks. If you see him, please send him to my kitchen.
...sparklies to adjust and music to edit before my next improv solo.
...far too much laundry to fold.
...a pumpkin pie to finish for Doodle, because pies are great on rainy days. And on mornings curled up next to the heater. Or really, anytime at all. Especially if you're three.

...a messy chaotic house, but a full and happy heart.


Josh said...

Am I the fairy? Sorry...

Mama bee said...

No love, you are not the dishes fairy. He's a mythological creature I keep hoping will show up in the middle of the night and wash all of our dishes. But alas, no fairy.

matt said...

Thank you for sharing about the full and rich life you are enjoying.

Resa said...

omg tarantula? I would love a tarantula.
i found your blog through Facebook. I like it :)
-Teresa (from belly dance. formerly at least)