28 May 2010

faster faster

This is one of those times in life where, as you start to wish for time to slow down, it speeds up even more. Yesterday J defended his dissertation(!!!!!!) and is now making edits to get it through the Graduate School's master editor dude. The past 2 months leading up to the defense have been crazy, with J pulling all-nighters and generally being away from home far more than he'd like. The defense was a huge relief (and a huge success), but now the next step is coming up quickly.

We set a move date last week, and immediately June 22nd started to race toward us at a ridiculously fast pace. June 22nd. That's the day we roll out of Logan, now as a family of 4.

We're heading to PennState, where J has a post-doc position lined up in a lab, and where I'm hoping to schmooze with pollinator folk and get an in this summer.

Do you know how far it is from Logan, UT to State College, PA? 1,960 miles. That's a really freakin' long way.

We have three weeks until the trailer gets here. I have a whopping two small boxes packed (though I picked up a bunch earlier today, and will head out to get another free batch as soon as Roo wakes up).

In those three weeks we have to pack, plus we're taking all next weekend to hang out with friends up at The City, and fitting in as many social engagements as possible. Oh, and a bellydance show. A bit going on.

That said, blogging may be very meager until we're settled in PA. We'll see. Wish us luck!

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